With Intellectual Property Rights, IPR at our core expertise, we are Pillars of Support to KRIA: Knowledge, Research, Innovation and Arts.

Our attorneys have in depth expertise in all forms of Intellectual Property including Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Industrial Designs, Trade Secrets spanning searching, filing, maintenance and enforcement. Our team members have handled complex litigations, Oppositions, Cancellations and Anti-Counterfeiting campaigns as well.

We cover the entire spectrum of services for all IPR subject matters ranging from IP Audits, Landscaping, Freedom to Operate, Identification, Strategy, Filing & Prosecution, Enforcement, Valuation and Commercialisation amongst others.

We represent clients across India before various forums and Courts. Apart from traditional forms of IP rights we also counsel on Media & Entertainment, E-Commerce, Internet Laws including domain name disputes, Key and Ad Words, Advertising, Competition Laws, Packaging, Regulatory, Internet, Data Security and Privacy issues.

The enforcement practice includes those before Customs (Border Control) and law enforcement (police), Domain name matters before Indian Registrar NIXI and WIPO and tradename cancellation before Registrar of Companies as well.

KRIA Laws’ team of professionally qualified attorneys provides value added trademark expertise to ensure clients get the most out of their trademarks. Our trademark services ranges from clearance searches to protection and brand management.

Our expertise in trademark enforcement is accentuated with collaboration with lead investigation and enforcement agencies across India and South Asia.

Our whole team works together to present the right plan for protecting our clients' commercial and legal interests. We are a firm with the potential to serve any kind of trademark related issues an entity might have, whether it is securing regular registration of marks or devising ways to obtain rights in new age branding campaigns including colours, shapes and sounds.

We assist and advice:

  • Filing and prosecuting trademark applications which also includes Madrid applications before the Trademark Registry;
  • Initiating and defending opposition and cancellation proceedings; managing registry formalities and ensuring post-registration maintenance, including renewal and restoration.
  • Search and monitoring facilities, as well as experience in due diligence and market research. Subscriptions to high-end IP databases underpin both of these services.
  • Advice on assignment, licensing, and franchising of IPR rights in order to maximize the value of IP assets, as well as assist with procedures and other formalities to ensure that such instruments are recorded in a timely manner.

We at KRIA Law collaborate with clients to develop and execute effective filing strategies that are tailored to their specific needs.

Our team’s extensive expertise in managing applications, keen eye for information, global presence, and cutting-edge tools allows us to deliver high-quality services across the globe. Apart from in house expertise we collaborate with domain specialists to assist and represent our clients in:

  • Freedom to operate search: Freedom to operate (commonly known as FTO search) is the most critical stage in the life cycle of a start-up or a new business venture, as it would be vital to ascertain not only prior art, but also a mapping of what the relevant industry is working on. Invariably, a Freedom to operate search commences by searching the patent literature for granted or pending patents, followed by a legal opinion about whether a device / product, process or service could be found to infringe on any patent(s) owned by others in the market.
  • Patentability search: It is the first and foremost search to locate the most proximate prior arts to ones’ invention. It is also known as prior art / novelty search.
  • Patent filing and prosecution: We assist clients to file Patent applications in India and other countries across the world and handle further prosecution of the Patents as well We advise, assist and represent our clients in all kinds of Patent Filings, Prosecution, Drafting, Opposition, Revocation and Portfolio and Litigation Management.

Our team is skilled in assisting clients with the filing and acquisition of copyright registrations. We have gained vast experience and knowledge by working with the Music, Entertainment and publishing industry, giving us insight into licensing and other copyright contract matters.

Our firm not only assists clients in successfully managing copyright litigation effectively and efficiently but also in strategizing dispute resolution in order to reach amicable agreements.

We advise and assist in Copyright Filing, Registrations, Objections, Content protection, Licensing or transfers, Piracy Management, Audit and Compliance.

Our team has experience in advising clients on the best methods to protect modern, aesthetic concepts produced within the organization. We assist our clients in Design filing and prosecution, Litigation, opposition and licensing.

With rich experience before various forums such as Courts, Tribunal, Arbitrators on a wide range of subjects such as IPR, civil disputes, Consumer Protection, attorneys at KRIA Law regularly use alternate modes for resolution including Mediation at all stages of the Dispute.

Review Business models from a legal perspective to ensure legal compliance and risk avoidance / mitigation / minimization. We also assist on establishing a new business and engaging in contracts, agreements that have a plethora of requirements and purposes such as Founders Agreements, Employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, Vendor Agreements etc.

With the emergence of Digital Personal Data Protection Act, our in-house data protection team is fully prepared to assist with ensuring your entity's data inflow and outflow comply with the new regulations. We are committed to providing you with up-to-date guidance on the requirements introduced by the Act. Our services include consultations on the legal requirements, drafting and review of privacy policy and other legal documents surrounding data protection.

We assist in review/drafting, negotiation, execution, and standardisation of complex commercial contracts viz. NDAs, Service Agreements, Supply Agreements, SaaS Agreements, Software License & Developments, etc in a cost-effective manner by employing our proprietary processes and technological solutions.

Under Indian law, no wholesaler, distributor, or importer can sell, export, or exhibit any packaged product that is misbranded or does not comply with the statutory labelling requirements.

The Legal Metrology Act, 2009, and the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, regulate the labelling standards for packaged commodities in India. The Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 and the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations of 2011 regulate food products.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the rules, legal standards and issues, and business trends that enables us to provide our clients with the most realistic and solution-oriented guidance.

We assist clients on regulatory packaging and labelling compliances, check their labels, print and media promotional contents, and so on to ensure statutory conformity.

We provide in depth advice on how to structure a franchise model based on whether you're planning to expand domestically or regionally or internationally, use franchising as a new development avenue, or convert an established corporate enterprise into a franchise.

We also assist in the drafting and negotiating of the main franchise and regulatory documents, enforcement of franchise agreements and termination related advisory and proceedings.